Tropical Summers.

Nothing like fun tropical prints to really define this summer. Just because a print is busy doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with other loud colors, or busy prints. Mix it up! Have fun! 

Jumpsuit- Forever 21+

Shoes- Aldo

Earings- Aldo Accessories

Just followed you. YOUR HAIR & STYLE IS AMAZZZINNNG..k that is all. :)

Awww Thank you! <3

mcsmi187 Asked:
How's it going? Just saw your picture and wanted to say hi lol


meximala Asked:
you are absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you dear. I am flattered.

Girl you're a babe! I love you're hair and outfits!:)

 Thasnks love!!!

Anonymous Asked: are so beautiful! Tell me are you into girls at all? Like you are so fucking stunning to me...

Awww Thank you.  Get off anon and we can talk! <3


So sexy

Tribal Beauty!

Pants: Forever 21+

Top- Rainbow

Shoes- Call it Spring

Blazer- Thrifted(Goodwill)

-Floral headband- Aldo Accessories

never be afraid of mixing colors and print!

 Muted colors are always in in my book! <3


gentle reminder that cleopatra’s beauty is rumored to have started wars in ancient history

gentle reminder that people are evolving to be more and more attractive

gentle reminder that your beauty probably would have started at least 2 wars by now if you lived in 30 BC

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