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It’s back to school time and this is What 90% of my semester looks like…Comfort! I keep it chic, comfy and casual.

Drop crotch pants Forever 21+

Crop top - Forever 21+

Flannel shirt - Thrifted

Demin button down - Old Navy

Backpack - Landing Gear

Sneakers - Jeremy Scott (Adidas)

"That Chic Cray"

Selfie Tee- Forever 21+

Skirt- Karma

Hat, bag and accessories- Aldo Accessories

FINALLY a curvy cutie with a might I say awesome body on my dash! You are killin it

Awww thank you dear! I appreciate it!

Tropical Summers.

Nothing like fun tropical prints to really define this summer. Just because a print is busy doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with other loud colors, or busy prints. Mix it up! Have fun! 

Jumpsuit- Forever 21+

Shoes- Aldo

Earings- Aldo Accessories

Just followed you. YOUR HAIR & STYLE IS AMAZZZINNNG..k that is all. :)

Awww Thank you! <3

mcsmi187 Asked:
How's it going? Just saw your picture and wanted to say hi lol


meximala Asked:
you are absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you dear. I am flattered.

Girl you're a babe! I love you're hair and outfits!:)

 Thasnks love!!!

Anonymous Asked: are so beautiful! Tell me are you into girls at all? Like you are so fucking stunning to me...

Awww Thank you.  Get off anon and we can talk! <3